Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LotR Awards!

Well, actually their not REALLY! awards, but their really fun to have, and post them on your blog! :)

This one: EchoOfMercy!

This one: Vanlanthiriel!

This one: Elvina!

This one: Elf Daughter!

This one: Marissa!

This one: Merilwen!

This one: Merriette!

This one: Elvina!

Next goes to: EchoOfMercy!

This one goes to: Merilwen! Arwenal KNEW you love this one!:)

Next: White Lady!

This one: Elvellon!

This one: Elvina!

This one: Naewyn!

This one: Ranger of Ithilien!

This one: Earwen!

This one: Moriah!

This one: Lady of Light!

NOTE: These awards are simply for YOU! You must not pass them around like other awards! Hope you enjoy!


Vanlanthiriel said...

Thank, Thank, THANK YOU! I LOVE MINE!:) You guys are great!:)

Marissa said...

Thank you!!! I love mine :)
All the award were very lovely and well made :)
Thanks again!


EchoOfMercy said...

Thank you! They're AWESOME!:)

Naewyn said...


Merriette said...

Thank you so much! I love mine! They are all beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hannon le, Arwenal!
I absolutely love them!!
Over time I hope to get al of them! :)

Anonymous said...

What did you make them with?
If so, could you tell me HOW you did them?

Anonymous said...

And what font did you use?

Moriah said...


Naewyn said...


I downloaded this program a LONG time ago. But I don't think you can get anywhere now:(

Anonymous said...

BUMMER! Oh well :)
I WISH we could pass them around - they are SO beautiful!!!
Can I copy others after them? Do you mind?

Liv said...

Hey there really pretty! BTW, can I FAQ Arwenal??/ Please I haven't FAQ'D anyone in FOREVER!:)

Bekah said...

Wow beautiful awards!


PS do you mind if I follow your blog?

SilverBride said...

Liv: Sure you can!

Bekah: No of course not!

Tessa said...

Hey I tagged you on my blog! LOVE YOUR LOTR AWARDS!

Kendra Logan said...

Those are so awesome!


Noah said...

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