Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thoughts on Eowyn

Recently requested by EchoOfMercy:

Could you do a post on the faults of Eowyn next? :)

First of all they all have faults. Legolas, Arwen, Elrond, Galadriel, you name it! They are all sinners! So what is the difference between them and Eowyn? Actually, there is a big difference. The characters I've mentioned, while they are filled with sin, they have the desire to do good. Eowyn on the other hand, is quite the opposite. There is nothing good, pure, or honorable about feminism, and while reading Tolkien's books, or watching Jackson's movies, that is basically what you read/watch when Eowyn enters.

"All your words are but to say: you are a woman, and your part is in the house."

That's just it, are part is in the house, and this is something that Eowyn is simply not willing to accept. Many will blame it on Eowyn's culture, but it is not the culture's fault. There is nothing wrong with teaching a woman how to fight! Indeed, Eowyn was right when she said:

"Those without swords can still die upon them"

But when it comes to a point where you have a desire to fight alongside men, there's the problem. It is a shame for a woman to fight, and Tolkien could not make this more clear. Eowyn was a feminist, and we cannot blame it on the culture.

Should we pity Eowyn?

I have often been asked this question, and really the answer is up to you. I am not going to curse you for liking Eowyn or having pity upon her. I pity that she did not know the joy of femininity. Eowyn went through a loss losing her parents, but we must remember Eomer. Eomer is also a Man's man, and he knew that it was not a woman's place to go out to war. Those attitudes do not come from just nowhere, so therefore I do not pity Eowyn.

Concerning her "love" for Aragorn:

Oh, was there not a person in the crowd who did not simply swoon when Aragorn came on screen? So, why didn't Eowyn have her right to give away her love for Aragorn? Indeed, she had no right whatsoever. I often find myself annoyed when people tell me that Aragorn "led Eowyn on", but let me ask you, when did he do that? If he did, I must have missed something. Eowyn was going after a man's heart, that was already taken. There is nothing pure or feminine about that. Eowyn did not approach Aragorn in a proper way, so there is no excuse for any behavior with Aragorn.

Arwen VS Eowyn

I try very hard not to get into these debates, because honestly, there is no debate. Arwen was pure in the heart, but Eowyn did not know a woman's part. I have often been "chewed out" for saying this, but I believe that Arwen went through more suffering then Eowyn. Eowyn's parents were killed, yes. But Arwen's mother left her, and Elrond, and I cannot imagine the pain and confusion Arwen went through. They both sinned, yes. But there is a big difference. Look at it this way:

Arwen learned from her mistakes.

Eowyn ignored her her mistakes.

And let this be our end.

I am not an Eowyn fan, I used to be, but I was an Athiest and feminist then. After I became a Christian, my opinions changed a bit, actually a lot. And this is just how I feel about Eowyn, Tolkien felt the same also. Considering the woman who Eowyn was based on in Tolkien's life, Eowyn is not a good role model at all, and is not a character I would recommend for a favorite.


Elvellon said...

I agree! You write like a professional writer, Arwenal! I was blown away. But of course, I do not like Eowyn, so it was easy for me to enjoy!

Shieldmaiden said...

Hmm....this post is causing me to have second thoughts. Okay, consider me Anti-Eowyn!:)

Ranger of Ithilien said...

Yea, someone agrees with me on Eowyn's true character. I thought I was all alone. Just like girls want guys like Legolas, we guys want more girls like Arwen/Galadriel/Rosie and NOT Eowyn.

White Lady said...

I agree. I enjoy how you put things, and no one can prove you wrong on this one! :)


Never thought about it that way. I guess I should strive to be more like Arwen, and stop waiting for a Legolas just to knock on my door! :)

Alassiel said...

I'm anti-eowyn also, Arwenal! :) You are a good writer, and you put a great argument.

Ranger of Ithilien said...

White Lady,

Yeah, I was at this blog, and there was this girl who said she was waiting for her Prince Charming, but right below it was a picture of Eowyn. And I was just like 'Since when did Eowyn wait for her Prince Charming?'

Marissa said...

Very well put!! I never have like Eowyn very much.
I especially didn't like it when she started liking Aragon. It made me mad. And your right, he didn't
"lead her on".
I try not to get into the "debates" either......
This was a very well written post.


White Lady said...


LOL! That's funny! But somewhat disgusting. Does that not defeat the whole purpose?

Merilwen said...

You know where I stand on this subject.:)

EchoOfMercy said...

Thanks for the post. I wasn't trying to imply that no one else had faults just in case anyone thought I was doing that.:) Excellent post.

Ranger and White Lady,

Uh yeah I saw that pic of Eowyn I didn't quite get how it fit.:)

Naewyn said...

Hmm....I agree!:) Your a good writer, btw! I like your blog!

Eldarwen Failariel said...

I like them both because I look at Eowyn and I learn from her mistakes and I look at Arwen and I want to be more like her. But, I do like Arwen better than Eowyn... who doesn't??? And I totally agree with Ranger of Ithilien!

Bria said...

Well said Arwenal!!! You have the gift of a true and kind writer! I absolutely love LOTR, although by my blogs you can't tell. I love your blog!

Lady Arwen Evenstar said...

No, I think you are very, very wrong. I relate to Eowyn. I am spirited and passionate, but NOT a feminist. How can she be a feminist if she is in love?? She wears pretty feminine clothes and is compassionate. She is passionate about what she believes in, so she wants to fight for it. I like her, and I don't like that SO many girls write against her. I don't understand why everyone's so passionate about being anti-Eowyn. I am very disappointed as I read these blogs.

Lady Arwen Evenstar said...

And about Eowyn's "behavior" with Aragorn...may I ask: WHAT BEHAVIOR? She truly loved him and didn't even know about Arwen until after a while! Then she accepted it!

Lady Arwen Evenstar said...

(continuation of the last comment)
Eowyn wasn't immoral or clingy to him! So what do you mean by "behavior"?

Abigail said...

Lady Arwen Evenstar,

"How can she be a feminist if she is in love?"

Excuse me? Eowyn was NOT "in love" with Aragorn! AND even if she *was*, what does that have to do with being a feminist?! Absoluley nothing!:) The same goes with wearing "pretty dresses", I could wear "pretty dresses" all day, but it would be my HEART that mattered.

Eowyn wanted equal rights between men & women, and that would classify as a feminist.

Abigail said...

Lady Arwen Evenstar,

"Eowyn wasn't immoral or clingy to him! So what do you mean by "behavior"?"

Have you watched the extended versions of TTT or ROTK? If you have, I would find it very hard to believe that you would remain confused about her "behavior";) If you haven't watched them, then I suggest that you do, and then we may continue this discussion;)

Abi said...

Again more ant-Eowyn people... :(

I agree with Lady Arwen Evenstar, I have always loved Eowyn because of all the women she was human, she was passionate, like me, and I'm not a Feminist. ITS A SHAME FOR A WOMAN TO FIGHT? I can't believe you said that...what about all the women the military? Just because some of us feel the want to fight for what is right, fight for freedom and justice that makes us feminists?
Eowyn didn't know about Arwen, I mean she heard about her briefly but Aragon told her that the woman who had given him the necklace had sailed away to be with her people. Therefore Aragon was "single" and Eowyn had every right to hope for a relationship between them.
Eowyn didn't have a woman's heart? How?
I disagree, Eowyn, whatever ''mistakes'' she made, she learned from them. She never went to war again, she married Faramir and became the Lady of Ithilien, which should let you know she was being a lady.
Personally I hate Arwen, first she isn't even really in the books, so in the books she is fine. But in the movie she was revolting! Always wearing the most immodest dresses and making out with Aragon. And people call her pure??!
And hey, if Tolkien felt the same way, prove it. ;) Please give all the citations otherwise I won't even think about believing you.

Madchen said...

^You can't look it up yourself? You're the one trying to imply it's wrong. I agree, she probably should have cited that, but if it bothers you so much you need to read the books and do some research yourself.

Eowyn didn't have a woman's heart when she rebelled, dressed like a man and went to war as one.

Women aren't meant to be warriors. Physically speaking, we are NOT built for it, and emotionally, well, war tends to kill women sometimes more than men, because we are that emotionally complex and unused to the horrors of war. It simply is incompatible with our DNA's nurturing drive.