Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WHY we like Legolas:)

Okay, so Merriette left a comment asking us why in the world was Legolas "a man's man"? Here's her exact quote:

Hehe, that's funny. I don't make Legolas jokes, but I am not a fan of his either. "Legolas is a man's man!" If he is, then none of the wonderful men I know are, and I'm glad of it. The only particularly good quality I see in the movie Legolas (book Legolas is another matter entirely) is that he is loyal, other than that, he is stuck up and show-offy (or at least he acts that way). His behavior at the council I can find no excuse for. Would you mind explaining what makes him so wonderful, what makes him someone you want your men to imitate? I truly desire to know as I'm sure you have excellent reasons for your belief, and I've apparently missed them.

Okay, so what's funny??? Is it funny that people make "shampoo jokes"(which is NOT funny)? Or is funny because WE think he's awesome? Just who are you laughing at?

I'm a fan of Legolas, because I admire him for his loyalty, AND his humbleness. Yes, I believe he was humble. That moment where Gandalf appears to them, and then how he bows. I'm sorry, but to me, that seems VERY humble. Just the OPPOSITE of "show-offy", just how was he a show off!!!??? I'm sorry, he's an elf. He IS going to be skillful.

What's this about the council? I don't get it! If I remember correctly here is how it went:

Boromir: And what would a ranger know of this matter?

Legolas: This is no mere ranger. He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You owe him your allegiance.

Boromir: Aragorn? This... is Isildur's heir?

Legolas: And heir to the throne of Gondor.

Aragorn: Havo dad Legolas *Sit down, Legolas*

Why does he need an excuse all he did was defend his "friend". If you ask me it was ARAGORN, who has all these issues! It was high time that Aragorn 'put aside the ranger, and become who he was born to be!'

Of course we ARE going to find issues with EVERY character sooner or later, but Legolas less than most.

Hope this answers your question/questions:)


Lady of Light said...

I want you to know I COMPLETELY agree! Anyone who doesn't, its just their own stubborn opinion, and they won't listen to reason!

White Lady said...

I don't see how anyone could not like Legolas. He was loyal, and had firm beliefs. He was kind, and made peace with a dwarf. *sigh* And not to mention so cute.....

Pirate Girl said...

Whoever left you that comment was probably an Aragorn fan *rolls eyes* I have a brother who used to HATE Legolas, but then later confessed he only disliked him, because he was jealous of his skills and looks.

SilverBride said...

I'll back you up on this one, ElvenChild;) I was SHOCKED when I read her comment!

I am, and ALWAYS will be, a Legolas fan.

Thank you, and GOOD night!:)


Liv said...

That's odd. Why would anyone dislike Legolas? I really see nothing wrong with him....

~*~Elf Daughter~*~ said...


EchoOfMercy said...

I agree with you completely! :)

Eärwen said...

I love Legolas... he's my favorite!!
That person was... was... *splutters* I mean, I poke fun at Legolas, but he's my FAVORITE character!! I absolutely love him!!

Eärwen said...

She's a GREAT girl, but I didn't know she didn't like Legolas!!

Elvina said...

Legolas is the coolest character in the trilogy! I don't remember him EVER showing off.

Merriette said...

I really don't think Legolas is that bad, I was just surprised to hear you say that he is a model who men should follow.
I didn't mean to be insulting when I laughed, I just thought it was interesting that you would hold him up like that when I'm used to hearing all the bad things about him, I just thought it was funny how one character could be viewed so differently.
By the way, I am NOT an Aragorn fan, I certainly have problems with him.
Thank you for answering my question! I really only meant to be asking, not shoving my opinion in your face. I'm sorry.
In the council it was not Legolas's place (in my opinion) to defend Aragorn as that is Aragorn's, Elrond's or one of the other higher elves' place, since Legolas was merely (in Rivendel) a messenger. If Aragorn and Elrond chose not to answer Boromir's accusation, then Legolas ought not to have. Also, the line "You owe him your allegiance," was unnecessary and accusing, and the line, "and heir to the throne of Gondor" was also unnecessary and accusing because that part was obvious from Aragorn being Isildur's heir.
Even were I to give my full arguments (which I am refraining from doing) and you were to give yours, it is highly unlikely that we would convince each other, so may we leave it here? :)
I am really sorry for how harsh I came across in my last comment; I really, really didn't mean it that way.

EchoOfMercy said...


Well I will simply state a couple of things. For one Legolas was not simply a messenger he was the Prince of Mirkwood(if that's not considered a higher ranked elf I don't know what is:). And Boromir was being a jerk he needed it.(in my opinoin that is:).

SilverBride said...


If you didn't mean to offend anyone then just why did you comment? But it does not matter anymore because you have already brought it upon yourself, and the debate is too deep to end now;)

I shall inform the Lady Arwenal of your comment,


Merriette said...

SilverBride, I commented because I truly desired to know the reasons for your admiration of Legolas. I was sure you had strong basis for your stand, so I wanted to understand it, so that I could reconsider my own views. I merely explained my opinion, so that you could see where I was coming from to better be able to answer me. As you all loved Legolas so much, I thought you would be glad to explain your views to an outsider, and possibly get a convict. But because of my careless writing, that didn't happen. I'm sorry, next time I won't ask.

Elvellon said...


You like EOWYN, and do NOT like LEGOLAS!? What is this world coming to?

EchoOfMercy said...

Alas that these evil days should be ours.

Eärwen said...

I agree, White Lady =D

Eärwen said...

Okay, this conversation got a little funny =D

Arwenal said...


Legolas, though not as high as Elrond, had every right to defend a friend as he did. He was the Prince of Mirkwood, and Boromir deserved every word that Legolas shoved down his throat! Elrond MAY have chose to defend him, but that may not be the case. But it was high time that somebody else did.

Perhaps you came here to convince us otherwise of our beliefs, but that's not going to work, because we know the truth and take pride in it.

If you do not see his good qualities, that is your problem, not ours. Please do not try to convince us otherwise.

Thank you,

The Lady Arwenal

Marissa said...

Awesome blog! I liked reading this post. Very true and I agree.
I'm a Legolas fan for sure (:


EchoOfMercy said...

Could you do a post on the faults of Eowyn next? :)

~Michelle: Keeper of the Elven Hopechest~ said...
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Merriette said...

Okay, it's been almost a year so hopefully nobody is still mad. :)
I'd just like to apologize for my original comment again, I wrote it in pride and that was wrong.
Also, (this should make any of you who read this happy :) I did reevaluate Legolas's character in the movie to the result that now I truthfully say "I love Legolas" after watching TTT or RotK. I still don't like him in the first movie, but in the others he is fantastic, including in being humble. :)

EchoOfMercy said...


For the record, I wasn't actually mad, sorry if I gave that impression. I guess I was just sort of incredulous as to why someone wouldn't absolutely love him.:) Let's face it there's hardly anything not to like.;) I still don't see how you couldn't like him in FotR, but you're getting there.;)

God Bless & He is risen,
EchoOfMercy (a.k.a. The Keeper of the Key)