Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Favorite Lady in Middle-earth

Your choice, Arwen, Eowyn, or Galadriel! Or if you wish, Rosie Cotton:)
First off: Arwen
2nd: Eowyn
...And 3rd Galadriel

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A WAR! We ask only for your opinions, in the most godly manner. Keep your comments clean, and kind.
Thank you!

Opinions so far:
EchoOfmercy chooses: Arwen
Elvina chooses: Arwen
Elven Child chooses: Arwen
Currently Arwen is winning, and Eowyn is losing.
...and Galadriel remains in the middle....


EchoOfMercy said...

I personally prefer Arwen though I also like Galadriel. I cannot say I really care for Eowyn in the least until the end and then she was ok.

Elvina said...

Arwen. She is so awesome!:) And I REALLY like Galadriel. But I don't like Eowyn at all, ever. I love this blog!

Elven Child said...

I LOVE Arwen and Galadriel! Eowyn didn't do anything worthy of liking.

Elven Child said...

Oh, and Rosie Cotton is cool in her own way. We just don't get to know her that well in the movies, but in the books more detail:)

Merriette said...

I like them all.
Arwen, for the reasons everyone else can state better than I.
Galadriel, because she is a pure wife who desires what is best for her people and refuses temptation.
Eowyn, because she is human (unlike the others), and therefore is more relateable. As a human, she makes mistakes, but she loves her uncle and brother, and at last learns her true place, and finds joy as Faramir's wife. I have learned a lot from her.
Rosie, heh, who can not like her? :)
So my vote goes to all of them! :D

Moriah said...

Wonderful blog! i like Arwen better.

Eärwen said...

Arwen and Galadriel and Eowyn. ALL THREE!! =D

Hannah said...

Well...I'll go with all three! :D


Eldarwen Failariel said...

I like Arwen better, but the only reason I would like Eowyn is because she marries Faramir and I like him. But, that's not a good enough reason to like someone is it? I like Galadriel, but I still vote for Arwen!!!!

Gwenneth said...

Oh, my vote goes to Arwen!:) Galadriel is cool. And Eowyn is annoying.

Tessa said...

Arwen definitely! I'm not sure if I like Galadriel or Eowyn better though.